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Why buy in Bulk?

Quality: The quality of our pain relief product is the best available.
Reselling: You may buy our products and resell them in your shop
Brands: MarsOne | Therapearl | Biofreeze | Theraband tape
Discounts: We will give you discounts when you buy in bulk from us.
Shipping Charges: We ship bulk orders free of charge

How to place a bulk order

Browse products through our website and contact us.
Fill in your bulk purchase inquiry form on this page and submit your details
Our representative will contact you and assist you through the purchase process.

How do I make the payments

Once your order quantities are finalized, our representative will share the details of the amount to be paid and mode of payment. The options available for payment would be Online Payment, Bank Deposit, Bank Transfer.

In select cities, you can make a bulk purchase in cash. Our representative shall share the details of the same as the cash purchase options may change from time to time.

What is the returns policy for bulk purchase

All bulk purchases are final and no returns are accepted

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